Design and build your own medieval tavern!

Build a tavern from the ground up in any way you imagine it! It can be a classy place meant to serve kings or a restaurant which specializes in great food.

Optimize your seating arrangement to allow your staff to be as fast as possible, upgrade and expand to attract even more patrons and spread your business to include a hotel, a weapon shop and maybe even a medieval food delivery service!

In order to keep your customers happy you will need to have enough food and drinks at all times, efficient staff, great decorations and proper lights. Combine all of that with your imagination and your tavern might be the best in the kingdom!

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreStrategy, Simulation
Made withUnity
Tags3D, beer, Indie, Management, manager, master, Medieval, tavern


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Fun game, but finished this version in just a few hours sadly, and it didn't make it clear how short this version was/how little you could upgrade the tavern. Tempted to buy it because of how much I enjoyed this version, but it would be nice if you could keep your progress since I've put quite a few hours into playing it in this flash game style format :/ IDK maybe that even puts me off buying it, knowing all my progress so far is for nothing. 

Where is the soundtrack?

Downloaded this on the app and it doesn't go full screen. It also has a weird white box around it. You might check into that. Otherwise it works perfectly and I might pick this up on steam sometime.

I picked this up on Steam. I'm wondering how is it that I move the waitresses from one floor to another? Currently the little available circle lights up but I can't actually place here. Bugging me. Just curious. THX.

Is the full release coming to

Probably yes :) 

If the web game is like the Steam game, bring it on, enjoy playing it. Very relaxing. Thanks

Thanks a lot :) It should be very similar in pacing


Oh this looks so cool! Saw it on Nookrium's youtube today and had to check it out.

Thanks a lot :) This is a really minimized version because I was really limited for the web version, but next week you can try a free demo on Steam when I release it :)

Looking forward to it!

The web version is pretty fun, any chance of a Linux port for the desktop version?

I really enjoyed the game!
Unfortunately there are some memory leaks / other small bugs that stoppes the game progress: after about 1-2 hours of game, no dishes are serverd. I have to restart the game to proceed.

Also I really don't know how to expand my tavern more. I have completed all the tasks, but there is no possibility to have 2nd floor. Will it be in the final version of the game?


Hello! Thanks for the comment :) There is a PC version of the game here
It has many many more features than the web version since it's not limited by webgl engine :) You can try that version and let me know what you think :)

Hi there! This link seems broken unfortunately. :( could you share a new one with us?


this game is amazing i love playing it in my free time, I'm yet to beat it lol.

great graphics and good controls, i couldn't find any problems in it too!


Thanks :) I hope you'll like the PC version as well :)


how I can have point something on people per min , you can't have less than one person so why the heck do you use a float there?? is f**king killing me. beside that the game is awesome!!


Tavern Master (GamePlay Walkthrough)


i really like it, i can see a good future for this


Nice start, especially the art feels just right for the mood of the game. A few crits/suggestions:

1. I couldn't find any indication of what if any benefit the swankier furniture confers.

2. I couldn't see any way to delete or otherwise upgrade existing furniture.

3. One table and two benches got built with a different orientation to all the others. Couldn't see why, couldn't see any way to rotate them.

4. It turns into a bit of an idle game after the first few levels; once you've done new unlocks there aren't many more decisions before the next upgrade.

5. Could really use a fullscreen option! Definitely felt cramped playing in a ~quarter of the screen.


Thanks for the feedback! If you like this game make sure to wishlist it on Steam. Full version will have many more things to do in the game :)

i think if you click on a piece of furniture you should be able to see three buttons around it. the coin should sell it. otherwise i don’t know yet. 🍺🍺🍺


I really enjoyed it! Can't wait to see more!